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Q: How Do I Select The Best Broadband Package?

A: This will entirely depend on your circumstances and what you are looking to do. The right package will depend on a few things, for example, how many people in your household are using the broadband and what are they using it for? Gaming? Streaming? Working from home? Speed is an important factor when choosing a broadband package and it will be impacted by how many people are using the internet, what they are using it for as well as your location. Your provider will listen to you and will be able to advise you on the best package for each customer individually. 

Q: Can I Connect To More Than One Device?

A: That will depend on your router, usually a wireless router will be able to support multiple connections.

Q: Why Do I Need Faster Broadband?

A: Faster broadband can absolutely transform your daily life. Whether you're working from home, running a business, learning, gaming, socialising on social networks or simply enjoy streaming TV entertainment in your free time - fast broadband means superfast downloads and less time buffering, saving you time and energy whatever you are doing.


Q: What does ISP mean?

'ISP' means Internet Service Provider, whoever your broadband package is with, they will be your service provider, they are the company that provide you with your Internet services.
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